A Lady at the Blue House


Daca aveti timp de citit in week-end, va recomandam un superarticol, de fapt un contact report al unui “Lunch with the FT” la care Anna Fifield a discutat cu cea care are putea sa devina foarte tare in South Korea, adica presedinte,doamna Park Geun-hye . Articolul complet aici.

Din articol spicuim:
–”When she was 22 and spending a year in Paris, a phone call changed her life. While her father was giving a speech in 1974, a bullet meant for him killed her mother. Park returned to Seoul and took over the role of first lady.” “I wrote in my diary at the time that busy bees don’t have time to be sad,” she says

–Tatal ei a fost asasinat (el era presedinte, ea, fiica era prima doamna) si dupa un timp, ea si-a dat seama ca tara are nevoie de ea. Acum canditeaza la prededintie cu sanse considerabile. (pacat ca e femeie)

–Campania ei electorala este interesanta si privita cu multa atentie: “In this exceptionally personal campaign, nothing is off-limits. Park has been filmed in a leotard doing exercises at her home, and she once went on a “date” with the millionth visitor to her Cyworld (the Korean version of MySpace) page.”