How To Be A Happy Creative Director


Six things you need to know if you’re going to be a happy, healthy creative director.

1. Hiring is everything.
2. Avoid the “tyranny of strategy.”
3. Be eternally skeptical of grand strategic insights.
4. Simplify and specify.
5. Remember why people buy stuff.
6. You’re a salesman, not an artist
Want to be an artist? God bless you. So do I. I wish us both the best.
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  • Alen Todorov

    I was once at an advertising conference and a planning director was making a presentation. She was talking about groups she was conducting for a bank. The groups were going nowhere. She asked a participant “If you could invent the perfect bank, what would it be like?” He sat there for a minute or two without answering.

    “I suddenly realized,” she said, “I had the answer right there before me. People don’t want to think about their bank. Then I knew I had the strategy: Bank of Whatever-It-Was. It’s the bank you don’t have to think about.”
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