Ce-si propun oamenii cel mai des si cel mai des in lumea asta


Cei mai multi isi propun sa slabeasca si sa nu mai amane chestii… mai multe AICI.

Preview: the world’s most popular goals

lose weight 34088 people
stop procrastinating 25428 people
write a book 23778 people
Fall in love 23034 people
be happy 20438 people
Get a tattoo 18884 people
drink more water 17744 people
go on a road trip with no predetermined destination 17449 people
get married 17102 people
travel the world 17046 people
see the northern lights 15761 people
Learn Spanish 14188 people
Kiss in the rain 14111 people
Save money 13634 people
Take more pictures 13573 people
Learn to play the guitar 11838 people
Make new friends 11690 people
Buy a House 11585 people
Read more books 10364 people


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