Top 10 List of Things You Never Say to a Reporter


PR: Are you interested in pursuing this important story?
Me: No, it doesn’t sound quite right for me.
PR: What kind of stuff do you write about?

Altele de AICI :

-”This release has everything you need–you won’t even have to write anything yourself.”

-”You should be interested in this because (insert name of competitor publication here) covered it in their last issue as well.”

Si un mic exemplu amuzant tot de aici:
Flack: “Hello, Reporter X. Do you have a minute for a young PR person just trying to do his job?”
Reporter: “Sure, kid. What’s your story?”
Flack: “Well mister, I’m not exactly sure, I was hoping you could tell me. I’ve been asked to pitch this pharma story but for the life of me I can’t pronounce the company’s name…it’s spelled P-f-i-z-e-r. I figured you would know because when I googled the word, one of your stories came up…hello? Hello?”

Si, desigur nu trebuie sa-i spui niciodata unui reporter: “Fuck off.”

Mai multe sfaturi si pilde: AICI.