Personalitatea colorata a cartilor


Colectionam cartile de suflet. Le citim si recitim. Apoi le uitam. Ne amintim doar pasajele care ne-au impresionat si respectam invataturile care ne-au format. Altii le colectioneaza. Sunt insa si cei care le pastreaza, le aranjeaza si le … picteaza.  Asta face Mike Stilkey.

Mike iubeste cartile, le pretuieste si le da viata dupa ce au zacut la prafuit prin biblioteci. Tehnica in sine este impresionanta, fiind cunoscuta sub numele de sculptura in carte. Artistul confera personalitate acestei tehnici, dupa cum deja se vede.

I like to think of my artwork as one giant poem. I never really have a concrete idea of what I’m going to do. I just kind of feel my way through it and it comes out in a way that I don’t always expect. I really try not to edit myself too much. I think the horses are reminiscent of my dad. He was a beer drinking cowboy. And, I love animals. I think they’re amazing. I think they are overlooked pretty often. Sometimes I can see the feelings and emotions in animals when I can’t see them in humans, so it’s easier for me to express the feelings in a lot of my animal characters. What a hippy.

Va las in incantatoarea lume a cartilor cu personalitate. Gasiti mai multe aici, aici si aici.